No Time to Write New Content? Try These 10 Ideas

Life’s schedule makes it really rough at times to scrounge up new content for a blog post. Yet, content is so vital to your sites…it keeps visitors coming in and it helps your business grow abundantly. So what can you do when your life takes an unexpected turn and you’re super short on time to write?  Here’s 10 ideas…

Try these 10 Ideas to Create New Content Fast

1. Gather your own content from social sites. We often try our best to share valuable tips and helpful posts within our social circles.  Use the comments you’ve posted (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums, etc.) to create a quick blog post or article for your site. Add a good headline, a few subheadings and tweak it for publication. The result? Quick and easy content.

2. Share link love. Instead of writing a full blown article or post, link to an article or blog post and share your opinion about the content. Invite others to comment too.

3. Create a favorite resource list. Create a list of resources or links to articles and blog posts on a topic that will be very useful to your readers. For example, if you have a blog that offers organization solutions you could create a quick and easy blog post with links to your top ten favorite organization supply stores.

4. Share a photo. People love photos and usually react positive to them. For fun, you could share a picture and ask readers to create a caption. Some bloggers actually create a specific day for their photo sharing. They call it “Wordless Wednesday” or something similar. Again, people love looking at photos and you don’t have to write a word!

5. Feature the best of your blog posts. Create an article or blog post highlighting and recapping your top blog posts from last month, last quarter, or even last year. To add more value and attract more attention, focus on a specific topic. For example, “Top ten blog posts on increasing your business productivity.”

6. Get readers involved. Use this hectic time to create an opportunity. Publish a short quiz or survey to gain valuable information about your audience.

7. Share the news. Grab a news feed or two and share links to industry news or headlines and snippets. You can actually create a weekly or monthly post with this idea. For example you could create an end of the month news update and highlight all the newsworthy things that happened that month.

8. Use your video camera. Grab your video camera and create a quick “how to” video. A few minutes is sufficient to provide good content, and for most people it takes less time to create a video than to write an article or blog post. (No proofreading or looking for graphics to add to your article, etc.) Plus, hosting your video on YouTube makes it easy for others to share your video as well.

9. Share some comment love. Share your favorite comments from the past month, quarter or year. This shows your readers that you appreciate their feedback and gets other readers involved.

1o. Share a quote. Share a quote  that inspires you, makes you laugh or is relevant to your industry. It’s a simple cut and paste blog post!

11. Use some PLR.  Okay, I had to include this tip.  Private label content is one of my most favorite “go to” resources when I’m in a tight pinch.  You can grab a PLR article and simply write your own introductory paragraph when you’re in a huge rush.

If time affords you, a better option is to write a short introductory on a topic and then compile some tips from one or two PLR articles to share a list of quick tips with your readers.

*For quality internet marketing PLR content, check out our “IM PLR Reports“.  Most of our reports are broken down in articles for you.  If you’re looking for niches that are NOT necessarily in internet marketing niche, you can hunt for various topics on my site at

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Be sure to leave Laurie and I a comment below on how your content creation is working out…feel free to share your own ideas on how YOU create quick content.



  1. Fran Civile says:

    Hey, thank you Rhonda! Great suggestions including a few I had never thought about like the mystery photo.
    I also like the idea of sharing a good post and asking for comments and of course adapting good PLR is
    always a good resource.


  2. internetmarketingplrcontent says:

    Fran, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your comment. Yes, I do believe we could have a lot more fun with photos if we just get creative. And yes, I’ll forever be in debt to PLR content as well…as I do use it for many of my own sites.

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