10 Great Ways to Repurpose Your PLR Content

10 Great Ways to Repurpose Your PLR Content

Did you know that all your PLR content can be reused several times? You’ve invested in buying PLR; so why not reuse it in different ways. Now that’s really getting extra mileage out of your investment and material!

Here’s 10 ways to repurpose your PLR content:

1. Put the content on your blog. This may be where you’re already starting, but if not, consider using your content for your blog.  You can even take a PLR report and break it down into a series of shorter blog posts.

2. List it on an article directory(s). Some article directories and PLR content sites do NOT allow this.  However, some smaller article directories are not quite as particular.  It’s highly recommended that you do a thorough rewrite on your article first before submitting it.  Also, check with the PLR site that you’ve purchased the content from to see if you’re allowed to do so.

3. Offer it to your readers to post on their sites with your bio and live link intact. You can have your own mini “article directory” page on your site where you allow people to use your articles.  Of course, make sure that they know that your words cannot be changed, as they do NOT have PLR rights to your content.

4. Create a viral report. One way to get others to help you distribute your report is to sell it at a small price and offer affiliates 100% commission to sell it for you.  They have an incentive to promote your content and you garner traffic to your site from your links within the report.

5. Post the PLR article on a forum. If it was well received on your site, then chances are the members on your favorite forum will like it too. This is an excellent way to build your brand.

6. Use the PLR content to create an ebook. Maybe it’s a subject that’s really appealing to you and others, and you have several PLR articles on that particular topic. Wrap these altogether into an ebook that you can sell.

7. Turn it into a podcast or video. Not everyone likes to read the written word and many prefer to listen to it. Capture your audience by turning the content into audio.  You can also use the content to create an informational video.

8. Expand on it as part of a membership site. You’ve got the basics already there, now add more bullet points plus further details to your bullets including extra examples, tips, how to videos and helpful links. This is taking the original PLR content to the next level.

9. Send the material in a newsletter. Your email subscribers will appreciate some emails with valuable information rather than promotions all the time. Your newsletter can include an abbreviated version of your PLR article with perhaps a nudge back to your site to finish reading it. This will hopefully get them to visit your blog or site again.

10. Create an autoresponder series. For a handsfree way to distribute your content, create an autoresponder series for people to sign up for.   When you send out a newsletter, later subscribers have missed out, but with an autoresponder, even new comers will have a chance to enjoy your material.

Leveraging your PLR content makes good sense and as you can see, it’s not that hard to do.

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